A Deal with the Devil: Review

A deal with the devil cover

A Deal with the Devil

Tali is bartending to support her family and pay off debt. Haynes Flynn is a ladies man, and a famous plastic surgeon. When Tali’s best friend needs to hire a 6-week replacement for his position as Hayes Flynn’s assistant – the money is too much to pass up.

A deal with the devil Review

If you’re a fan of the secretly spicy, cute contemporary romance cover books – this is for you! I’m glad I didn’t judge it by the naked man cover, because it was great!

Tali and Hayes have the BEST banter and great chemistry. I found myself laughing at many of their interactions.

I’m not usually a huge fan of boss romance, but this was so enjoyable. I loved the slow burn romance that starts with a fun friendship. I was also pleased that the conflicts weren’t completely outrageous (maybe I’ve just been reading too many bad hockey romances). 

This is definitely steamy, and spicy towards the end. I thought it would be super smutty based on the cover, but not the case. I’d totally recommend A Deal with the Devil if you’re looking for a grumpy-sunshine boss romance with a HEA.





“No offense, but that sounds extremely dull,” he replies. “A good sex scene is essential to any meaningful work of fiction.” “Ah, yes. I remember the blow job in Pride and Prejudice. Very tastefully done.”
“I love this bed,” I murmur as he takes a seat again. “Would you allow it to marry me? You can take the cost out of my salary.” He gives me a small smile. “Only if you let me watch the honeymoon.”
His gaze holds mine. “If it were an option,” he says, suddenly fierce, “I’d never be willing to share you.”

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