A Kiss of Iron: Review

A Kiss of Iron

A penniless noblewoman, Kat is on the verge of losing everything when she’s offered a well-paid job that could be her salvation… or her ruin. Drawn into court’s deadly intrigues, she’s given a single task: spy on the powerful fae lord known as the Night Queen’s Shadow.

Bastian Marwood is handsome, ruthless, and cunning, but Kat can’t decide if he’s a threat to her kingdom or just her heart. To uncover the truth, she must play a dangerous game of desire and deceit, pushing him to reveal his secrets while protecting her own. But Bastian’s shadows have a hold on her—one she isn’t sure she wants to escape.

A Kiss of Iron Review

I loved A Kiss of Iron! I found it in a list of books with Shadow Daddys, and you know me – I had to try it! Also check out these tropes:
📚 fake dating
📚 court intrigue
📚 forced proximity
📚 one bed
📚 bretrayal
📚 slow burn
Kat was the embodiment of feminine rage. I hope to see more growth from her in book 2, especially being the Wicked Lady!
Bastian may be one of my favorite MMCs I’ve read about this YEAR. He was morally grey but so obsessed with Kat. Also had the darkest black hair and don’t forget the shadows 😉  He was so mysterious but also sweet at times. If anything, read this for him!
Their relationship was a lot of fun because of the spying, and Bastian was also such a tease. I’m a sucker for any scene with dancing, so I loved that as well. I’d give this one a 2/5🌶 rating with great, descriptive spicy scenes, but the characters don’t go all the way. We’ll have to wait for October 2023 for that I hope! I’d totally recommend this book for fantasy romance fans that love a little court intrigue and a morally grey love interest. I can’t wait to read more from Clare!





“If I had water and you were dying of thirst, I would give it to you. This is no different. So I ask again, was that ‘please’ begging to be released or begging for release? Answer and I’ll do it.”

“Better to knowingly fall for your manipulation than let you make out that there’s a version of the universe in which I can’t dance.”

“Good. Hands on the trellis. Keep them there.”

“Ah, but what a way to go. If I could choose, it would be death by thighs.”

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