A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor: Review

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor

Esther receives an offer to leave her position as a maid and move into Rooksgrave Manor, a members-only brothel for strange “men”. Esther’s assigned certain patrons to please, many of them with monster-like qualities. While she bonds with her patrons, a rival Manor begins causing trouble.

A Lady of ROoksgrave Manor Review

This book was a lot. And not just because it was my first monster romance! The plot and pacing were just very strange.

It started with a very sexual FMC meeting and pleasing her new patrons: a vampire, a sphinx, a doctor with an evil side, an invisible man, and a rock… golem?

After the honeymoon phase, the book took a turn and we were introduced to the villain – the owner of another brothel that isn’t so nice to their workers. This is the point where I lost interest. The story continues with more smut and plot peppered in.

I think I would’ve enjoyed this one more if it was a novella and just straight smut. No plot needed. Let’s just get to know the monsters and see their relationship develop.

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor was SPI-CY. This is why choose or reverse harem, so the main character is with all the male characters. The spice was okay initially, but over time I think I just got all smutted out! Overall not for me, but maybe for you?




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