A Touch of Poison: Review

A Touch of Poison

Kat is trapped in Elfhame, the fae realm where nothing is as it seems. And worse, she’s trapped with Bastian, reliant on his touch to stave off a poison that threatens her very life.

Thrust into the centre of Dusk and Dawn Courts, they must balance the two in order to maintain a delicate peace. As enemies close in from all sides and attacks on the city escalate, Kat and Bastian must unearth deadly secrets and their own complicated feelings to surviveβ€”or risk a war to destroy faekind itself.

A Touch of Poison Review

This was a great sequel! Kat and Bastian are perfect MCs, and we get 2 perspectives in this second book. Following Bastian’s POV was very interesting and I liked seeing more of his Queen’s Shadow role.

Kat, oh how I love Kat. Her growth in this book is AMAZING. I love that she’s not automatically great at everything (besides being a badass with a bow), but that she works to use her powers. She has been through and goes through SO MUCH, so I’m excited for the next book to see where she ends up.

The politics and worldbuilding were super interesting! I did get a little confused at times because there are a lot of characters, but that’s totally on me lol. I loved the multi-realm location and lodestones! A Touch of Poison has a great balance of Fantasy and Romance, with a plot that has substance and a slow burn romance to die for. And finally, helloooo spice. You know we love shadow powers over here. Clare really knows how to make you wait for it though!!

Here are some tropes/themes in A Touch of Poison:

β€’ Shadow Daddy πŸ–€πŸ˜‚
β€’ Hidden powers
β€’ Slow burn
β€’ Forced proximity
β€’ Court drama & plotting
β€’ Found family

Beware it is a chonk and ends on a cliffhanger, but I really enjoyed it and would totally recommend the series.

Thanks to Clare Sager for an ARC!




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