Consider Me: Review

Consider Me cover

Consider Me

Carter Beckett is the ladies man of the NHL. Olivia is a high school P.E. teacher prepared to NOT fall for his badboy charm …or so she thought. Consider Me follows Carter and Olivia’s relationship as they take a risk and become more than friends.

Consider Me Review

I loved this! One of my favorite hockey romances.

Carter was THE BEST. The biggest dork, but still so hot. 100% golden retriever playboy energy. He seems so cool and bad in the beginning, but deep down he just wants to find a love like his parents’. Ollie was a great FMC and I loved that she played hockey too. She was fiesty and fun. Their interactions in the beginning were so satisfying. Watching them fall for each other was so entertaining. That being said, this is definitely a character-driven story with their relationship being the plot.

I really enjoyed how much “happy” this book had. The whole middle was almost like an epilogue, so when the inevitable 80% breakup hit the fan, I was bummed (and didn’t really love the conflict either). But it was short and resolved quickly.

Not a TON of hockey, but it’s still present.

Their bedroom relationship is open door, pretty detailed, and frequent. Though I didn’t think it was overwhelming or ever too much. Still giving it 4 peppers for the amount and quality! 

Overall this is top tier hockey romance for me – 100% recommend. A little long though, so be prepared for that, but Carter is worth it!





“Liv, Liv, Liv, Liv, Liv,” Carter chants, punctuating each call of my name with a tap on the glass. “What?” I whisper-yell, finally spinning his way, throwing my hands overhead. His grin is explosive, handsome, sexy, infuriating. Leaning over the boards, he stares down the length of his stick at me, the tip resting on top of the glass. “Hi.”
His stick lifts in slow motion, pointing. At me. Carter Beckett points his damn stick right at me. And he winks. He fucking winks. For you, his perfect lips mouth to me.
“What if I fall in love with you?” “Then I’ll fall with you, too, Ollie girl.”

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