Desire or Defense: Review

Desire or Defense

Mitch is a grumpy ice hockey defensemen that gets sentenced to a 15 game suspension with the NHL. During his time off, he’s required to help coach the local youth hockey team. He butts heads with Andie, who’s little brother plays on the team. Andie balances working as a nurse and being her brother’s guardian. This is a clean romance.

Desire or Defense Review

This was a heartwarming hockey romance, and I really enjoyed it. I loved that Mitch was more of the main character, and a lot of the story focused on his mental health. Also tattoos. Andie was quirky and sassy, and her and Mitch had great banter.

I’m not usually a fan of books with kids or main characters ending up with a child to take care of, but I didn’t mind Andie’s 10 year old brother. I thought it was a sweet relationship, and he really brought out a lot in Mitch as well.

This book was great, worth a read if you like quick rom coms. It was a bit forgettable for me, but that’s not always a bad thing. I enjoyed my time reading it.

Desire or Defense is a clean romance, so while there is some kissing, innuendos, flirting, etc. there’s no spice. There is a fade to black scene in the epilogue, but if you’re looking for heat this isn’t it.

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