Forged by Magic: Review

Forged by Magic

Trapped in a tower by the emperor who conquered her homeland, half-orc Daella yearns for an escape. To earn her freedom, she must journey to the mysterious Isles of Fable and track down wielders of outlawed dragon magic.

When a brutal storm tosses her ship off course, she washes up on the wrong island—right at the feet of Rivelin, a gruff but handsome elven blacksmith, who seems more likely to stab her than help her. To her surprise, he offers her shelter until the next ship passes through in six weeks’ time.

Daella soon realizes he’s hiding something big. It could be the very magic she’s been tasked to hunt down—the key to her long-awaited freedom. But as they bicker over the flames of his forge, her heart kindles with something she’s never felt before. Daella must decide what’s more her freedom from the wicked crown or the desires of her heart.

Forged by Magic Review

Forged by Magic was a quick and fun, cozy fantasy. And just look at the cover!! I enjoyed the story and it was pretty low stakes. It felt very *lite* – the plot was very simple, the world building was minimal, the magic was easy to follow, etc. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’d almost even say this is what I wanted Legends and Lattes to be. If you liked that book, you may like this one as well!

I liked Rivelin and Daella, I wouldn’t say I loved them, but their relationship was entertaining. I’d give this one a 2/5🌶  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.




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