Fourth Wing: Review

Fourth Wing

Despite planning to be a scribe her whole life, Violet is forced to enter the Basgiath War College to train as a dragon rider. Many cadets won’t make it through training, and if they do, there’s no guarantee they’ll bond with a dragon. Violet is an underdog physically, but her strength lies in her book smarts and knowledge of strategy. She makes friends, loses friends, and develops an unlikely relationship with her should-be enemy. This book is often sold as Divergent meets Hunger Games + Eragon.ย 

Fourth Wing Review

Can I just start by saying, WOW talk about some hype. Two weeks before release I was seeing this book everywhere with rave reviews. I think the mix of writing a great book plus sending out physical ARCs to accounts who are very visible and willing to share positive thoughts, was a viral formula. I felt so jealous that I couldn’t read the book too, and I didn’t even really know what it was about. It was genius marketing. And on top of that, only the first print of books have sprayed edges, which the target market (hi, me) is obsessed with. The marketing team for this book knew what they were doing. They created a sense of fomo, and then capitalized with scarcity. And I was SOLD.

When I finally got my hands on a copy on release day, the Goodreads rating was at 4.8! I went in a little skeptical of course, but really hoped it would be as good as everyone had said. I find the internet can be pretty dramatic when it comes to book hype, and everyone just feeds off of each other because it’s relevant content. And I’ve also found that ARC readers can be unreliable with their reviews for whatever reason.

All that to say, do I think Fourth Wing was overhyped. Yes.

Do I think Fourth Wing is great and totally worth a read. Also, 100% yes!

I like to describe Fourth Wing as a NA fantasy romance with: violence, language, sex, etc. but a YA plot. It was so easy to read, it felt very familiar, and was also pretty predictable. None of these things are a negative for me, but I could see how readers could be let down. The hype made it seem like a brand new idea, when it was really a mix of a ton of beloved tropes and stories with a twist.

Violet – Our main character is considered “fragile” because of a health condition, but she is insanely smart. I actually loved her character. She was very strong and never gave up or felt sorry for herself. But she was a little sex-obsessed in like a weird teenage girl kind of way, but she was 20 LOL

Xaden – The main love interest that I also fell in love with as soon as Violet’s sister told her to stay away from him. Xaden is Violet’s enemy, but also her wing leader. I love how their relationship develops and becomes intertwined. He is also a fine as hell shadow daddy with a cool dragon.

Dain – Dain is Violet’s garbage friend that I trusted for all of like 2 chapters.

There are also a lot of other fun side characters that I really enjoyed, especially the dragons! But Yarros did not shy away from killing people off.

The dragons were such a great component. I even cried during the Threshing because I want a dragon so bad. The magic was interesting and easy to follow. The worldbuilding was great, and even though there were a lot of new locations and political alliances to learn, it wasn’t overwhelming. Yarros did a great job conveying the information to the reader with creative storytelling. The end was full of action and tears, and the perfect cliffhanger that I actually didn’t predict!

Now what we’re all wondering about – the spice. I’m not going to lie, I would’ve personally knocked off a star if this book didn’t deliver in the spice department. But it did. It’s not erotica of course, but we got two great (and pretty descriptive) scenes, and lots of flirting and tension along the way.

Overall this is a SOLID fantasy romance. And while I do think the hype is a bit much, this will most likely be one of my favorites of 2023. I totally recommend picking it up! I’m about to start a reread to see how it holds up. And because I miss not having dragons and morally gray 20 year olds in my life.

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“A dragon without its rider is a tragedy. A rider without their dragon is dead.โ€

“I don’t deserve you.โ€ His arm curls around my hips and he tugs me close. “But I’m going to keep you all the same.”

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