Hell Bent: Review

Hell Bent

After events in Ninth House, Darlington is stuck in Hell and it’s up to Alex, Dawes, and a band of murderers to save him…twice? While they work to save Darlington, illegally by the way, mysterious murders begin popping up on campus.

Hell Bent Review

I went into Hell Bent with high hopes! I enjoyed Ninth House for the most part, but I was looking forward to a long adventure through Hell to save Darlington with a (maybe) grand reunion. Sadly, that’s not what happened.

I LOVE the world building in this series. I also really like Alex as a character, and learning more about her ghosty powers is entertaining! I just found myself disinterested most of the time, hoping for more romance, and not always enjoying playing “detective”.

If you’re interested in mysterious academic fantasy with a rough around the edges FMC, this may be for you!

No spice rating for this because there was none! Not even any steam in my opinion. If you’re looking for romance, I’d say this series may not be for you (yet).



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