Her Greatest Mistake: Review

Her Greatest Mistake cover

Her Greatest Mistake

Maddox is an NHL star, but gets into unwarranted trouble with the press. The solution – start a fake relationship with his childhood best friend, Braxton. Eight years ago Maddox and Braxton had a cherished friendship that was ruined by betrayal. Can they save his career by working together, and will the fake relationship turn into something more?

Her Greatest Mistake Review

THIS BOOK!! If you love hockey romance, this is for you!

Her Greatest Mistake starts the second generation of the Swift Hat-Trick trilogy, but can be read as a standalone. This book follows the children of the previous main characters. I personally didn’t read the first series because I couldn’t wait to start this one! I could see how you may get more “feels” from familiar characters if you read the original trilogy, but I never felt lost.

Maddox and Braxton’s second chance romance was everything! I loved the flashbacks of when they were best friends and secretly in love. And seeing them resist their chemistry, and lose, is so sweet and satisfying. This book was pretty spicy with multiple intimate and descriptive scenes, but still a great plot. I felt that these scenes really added to their relationship.

There was a decent amount of hockey, and a Stanley Cup run – my fav!

As with most hockey romance, the conflicts are little wild; HOWEVER, there is no third act breakup. Hallelujah Hannah Cowen. And 2 epilogues!

If you love love, fake dating, and the nostalgia of a childhood friend romance – read this one. Even if you just love romance in general – pick it up!





“The moment our lips are a hair apart, I bump my nose to his and whisper, “Make it believable, Dox. Kiss me like you love me.”
“I wear the four P’s proud, baby girl.” “Four P’s?” Collins chokes. I lean my head back against the beanbag and meet his stare with cold eyes. “Yeah. Protective, possessive, proud, and packing.” “Jesus Christ,” he mutters.
Maddox skates away from the net, his arm lifted and glove pointed directly at me. His grin is blinding as he stops at the boards directly in front of Anna and me and shouts, “For you!”
“We wasted so much time,” I whisper. “But we have so much time left.”
Tears of both pride and love burn my eyes when he pulls his glove off and touches his palm to his chest before bringing it out and pointing at me. Without hesitation, I kiss my fingers and point back. “I love you,” he mouths. “I love you more,” I mouth back.

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