Kiss of the Blood Prince: Review

Kiss of the Blood Prince

Elise is kidnapped by a Fae prince after surviving a massacre on her way home from work. Said Prince is cursed, and it so happens that Elise is the key to breaking his curse. Prince Kian wants revenge on the humans of England, Elise wants to save her people. But fate gets in the way as their relationship develops.

Kiss of the Blood Prince Review

This was an entertaining start to a series. I’m not usually one for urban fantasy (I didn’t read the description before starting, whoops), so not necessarily my fav, but it was quick and fun. I think I’ll keep reading.

I love enemies to lovers, and it’s even better when it’s reluctant fated mates. So I really liked the romance, but the political/war plot just didn’t do it for me.

My only real complaint is that modern pop culture references in books just don’t do it for me. I’m immediately taken out of the story!

Kiss of the Blood Prince had really great angst. I actually liked the chemistry between the main characters, especially for fated mates AND such a short book. Giving this one 3 peppers because it does get pretty spicy, and descriptive.




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