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Mile High

Zanders is a playboy hockey defenseman that everyone loves to hate. Stevie is the new flight attendant for the team, and doesn’t put up with Zanders’ ego. Fraternizing with the players is forbidden for flight attendants, but Zanders is used to getting what he wants. When Stevie and Zanders become more than friends, he starts to rethink his playboy image, but will people like the real Zee?

Mile High Review

This book was not what I expected at all! Based on the cover, I thought this would be your typical spicy hockey romance with a relationship full of banter, a dramatic break up, and then a HEA. And while that was the case, it was also so much more!

Stevie and Zee’s relationship is sweet and surprisingly healthy. I really enjoyed the focus on mental health and family trauma, and working through those things. Not typically something I want to read about – but it added a lot of heart to this book. Also a big body positivity rep if you’re into that!

I loved Zanders. He starts as such a playboy, but he’s really just a spicy cinnamon roll. His relationship with his found family is the best!

I wouldn’t call this book smut by any means, but when the spice hits, it’s good and timed well. Explicit, but not over the top.

Fair warning though, this is a LONG book. Overall, worth it – but buckle up.

Totally recommend for fans of hockey romance, or romance in general!





“You following me?” I tease. He knowingly shrugs his shoulders. “Hey.” A small smile plays at his full lips. “Hey.” My eyes rake down his body, unable to hold back their amusement.  “Sexy as fuck, I know.”

“I don’t see you the way you see yourself. I think you’re good, and sweet, and hilarious, and fucking stunning, Vee. And I just want a chance.” She stays silent, so I add, “You want to be chosen first? Well, so do I. So, choose me.”

“I swallow. “You following me?”  A light laugh flows through him. “You have no idea, Stevie girl.”

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