Morning Glory Milking Farm: Review

Morning Glory Milking Farm

Violet is a typical, down-on-her-luck millennial: mid-twenties, over-educated and drowning in debt, on the verge of moving into her parent’s basement. When a lifeline appears in the form of a very unconventional job in neighboring Cambric Creek, she has no choice but to grab at it with both hands.

Morning Glory Milking Farm offers full-time hours, full benefits, and generous pay with no experience needed . . . there’s only one catch. The clientele is Grade A certified prime beef. When a stern, deep-voiced client begins to specially request her for his milking sessions, maintaining her professionalism and keeping him out of her dreams is easier said than done.

Morning Glory Milking Farm Review

Um, wow this book! I thought I was prepared for minotaur erotica… I was not. Yes, this was crazy spicy, but it was also VERY professional. I really like how the author handled Violet’s job at the Milking Farm. It was so clean and sterile, and not really sexual at all except with Rourke. Their relationship was actually really sweet, I just could NOT get over the fact that HE HAS A COW HEAD!!!!
Horns? Love it.
Tail? Acceptable.
But a bull head? No ma’am. I found my line! hahaha
I listened to this on audio because somehow my Library Hoopla offered it! The audio was great. I really enjoyed it, and audiobooks are usually hard for me. I was totally invested, I just think I prefer my monster romance with humanoid MMCs. If you’re in to spicy monster romance, I’d totally recommend this one though. It was short and fun with a surprisingly amount of plot!




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