My Phony Valentine: Review

My Phony Valentine

Poppy and Dallas agree to start a fake relationship. Poppy’s “girl next door” demeanor will help smooth over Dallas’ bad boy reputation as a hockey player.  Dallas’ fame will help get Poppy’s restaurant back on it’s feet. Despite a contract between them, they become friends and then something more.

My Phony Valentine Review

Such a cute romance! I read a lot of hockey romance, and when I saw this being advertised as “clean”, I was skeptical. I like my hockey MMC’s with dirty mouths and no shirts. And while we did get a few ab glimpses, this one wasn’t spicy. The characters had great banter and a sweet relationship, but kissing is really all you’ll get in the spice department!

However, this was a great story. So sweet and easy to read. I also really enjoyed the light drama. I feel like hockey romance can get a little out of hand sometimes.

But my favorite part (and hopefully not too spoilery for you) – no third act breakup. Hallelujah.

While this book takes place around Valentine’s day, this is the perfect sweet rom com for any time. Of course I wish it was spicy, but I loved it!





“You didn’t Google my whole life’s story?” He smiles, and I swear the light overhead flickers its approval. “Only the important stuff,” I say with a smile. “Like ‘Are Dallas Burke’s abs photoshopped?’” His laugh is so honest, I want to bottle it up and take it home with me. I made Dallas Burke laugh. I feel very smug about this. “The results on that search were inconclusive,” I say, taking another bite. “So, you might want to set the record straight.” Without a word, he stands and lifts up his shirt. I remember that women in olden days would wash their garments by rubbing them against a ribbed washboard. . .and I suddenly wish I was a cotton peasant top being gently scrubbed against his stomach somewhere on the Oregon Trail. As if being pulled by some magnetic force, I reach out and touch his stomach. It’s every bit as solid as I expected. I meet his eyes and find him watching me, one brow raised in amusement. Only then do I realize my huge violation of his personal space. I pull my hand back. “I’m so sorry.” “Maybe we should add in a ‘no touching’ clause.” He sits back down, and I can tell he’s teasing me, but it does little to make me feel less humiliated. “How embarrassing,” I say. “I’m kidding.” Dallas covers my hand with his and squeezes it. “You don’t have to be embarrassed around me, Poppy.”

“You deserve to be happy, Dallas, no matter the lies you’ve repeated in your head over the years. I did not raise you to think less of yourself.” She looks right at me. “I raised you so someone like her could find you.”

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