Play Your Part: Review

Play Your Part

Kennedy tragically loses her mom, and soon after her hockey star boyfriend gets traded and leaves her behind. Her ex’s rival, hothead Alexei Volkov, moves to town to play for the Palmer City Wolves. When Kennedy and Alexei are photographed in a compromising position, they fake a relationship to boost Alexei”s image. With a 3 month relationship agreement, lines begin to blur on what’s real and what’s fake.

Play Your Part Review

Play Your Part was a solid hockey romance and an amazing debut! This book had many of my favorite tropes and themes including: enemies to lovers, fake dating, NHL hockey, and he falls first.

The “fake dating to save your image” trope is pretty popular in hockey romance, but I did enjoy Alexei and Kennedy’s relationship. Especially once they decided to work together. They had great banter and chemistry. Though Kennedy rubbed me the wrong way in the first half. She was dealing with grief and it made her very harsh and honestly unlikeable. But it also led to a lot of character growth by the end of the novel which was great to see. I also really loved that she was super into hockey!

The conflict with Kennedy and Alexei trying to decide if their dating was no longer fake was very believable. The “rival ex” drama was a little much for me at times, but that’s to be expected with hockey romance! It did cause issues, so this does have a few “breakup” moments.

I typically prefer more hockey, but this book was super approachable. I’d totally recommend this book if you’re wanting to dip your toe into sports romance.

Overall I really enjoyed Play Your Part, and it did not read like a debut novel at all! The writing was great and I loved the dual POV.

Thanks to Netgalley and Kathryn Kincaid (Go Canes!) for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.




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