Powerless: Review


Jasper, a hockey heartthrob, and Summer, a professional ballerina, grew up spending summers together as childhood friends. Summer has loved Jasper for years in secret, and when Jas helps her runaway from her own wedding to another man, they slowly realize they’ve BOTH loved each other all along.

Powerless Review

I thought Powerless was really entertaining overall. I loved the found family and childhood friends to lovers tropes!

I liked the characters for the most part (and didn’t feel lost considering I skipped the first 2 books). Harvey was hilarious! I liked Jasper and Sunny, especially their interactions in the beginning of the book. SO GOOD. But after a while I didn’t love the miscommunication. It’s something they’re working on together as characters, but it become frustrating to me.

This one was pretty spicy! But I would’ve liked to see more of Summer taking charge instead of Jasper always dominating.

This was recommended to me as hockey romance, which seems a little random now that’s I’ve finished it. I’d consider this lite hockey romance, if that. It’s one of those books where the MC just happens to be a hockey player. So, not a ton of hockey going on!

Overall a quick, fun romance and I enjoyed it.





He glanced at her over his shoulder, mouth twisted in a wry smile. “I won’t bite.” Then, the smile twisting higher, “unless you decide you want me to.โ€

“I have been told I possess magic fingers, but the context wasn’t anything holy.”

โ€œWe haven’t known each other long,” she said finally, barely a whisper. The prince snorted, “No, we haven’t. But it sure feels like we have, Lore.”

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