Practice Makes Perfect: Review

Practice Makes Perfect

Annie owns a flower shop in the small town of Rome, Kentucky. She’s known as the “sweet” girl and just wants to settle down, but her introverted nature and quirky interests make dating harder than she’d like. Will recently moves to town as a bodyguard for Amelia, a local pop star and Annie’s friend. Will agrees to teach Annie how to date. But will they fall for each other in the process? Of course, it’s a rom com lol.

Practice Makes Perfect Review

Apparently I don’t know how to read books in order, because I completely skipped book one and went straight to Practice Makes Perfect! Reading this as a standalone was great though.

I laughed so much while reading this one because I am Annie. She is me!! I felt so seen as an introverted small town girl who loves to read romance. Will was a great MMC with a bad boy exterior but a heart that just wants to be loved.

Annie and Will were such a fun couple! They definitely had an “opposites attract” vibe, but the flirting and tension was off the charts! Their relationship didn’t have unnecessary drama or random conflicts just because. It felt very real and mature, but still so fun. They were very flirty, lots of steam, kissing, but fade to black. While I prefer open door, I was still squealing the whole time. The “fake dating” or “practice dating” trope was executed so well.

I also really loved the town of Rome and the side characters. I grew up in a small town, so it felt very familiar, and also hilarious! Annie’s siblings were a great addition to the story.

Overall I LOVED Practice Makes Perfect. I’d totally recommend this book if you love rom coms and want a quick, funny, and sweet read.





“I am the quiet one in my family. The one with her nose always in a book because she prefers worlds where she doesn’t have to interact with other humans. It’s so much easier to read about relationships than to foster them. Less dangerous too. I can’t offend anyone written into a book. I can’t say the wrong thing. And book characters don’t make judgments about me.”
““If I waited until I felt confident to live my life and do the things I want to do, I’d never live.” He stares into my eyes. “This lesson is one as old as time: Fake it till you make it. If you want something, pretend you’re the kind of person who’s not scared of it.””
““It seems to me, Annie, that you are just waiting for someone to give you permission to be yourself out loud.””
“But the thing about quiet people is, we’re only quiet because our brains are so busy overthinking everything.”
““Do you like me, Will?” I hold her gaze and squeeze her fingers as her words tug the truth from me like they always do. “Yeah, I do, Annie. Do you like me?” “Yeah. Against my better judgment.””
““I’m not naked, I’m wearing a towel—” At that exact moment, said towel drops from my waist, and I am now, in fact, very naked.”

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