The Foxglove King: Review

The Foxglove King

Lore has death magic, also known as Mortem. When she is sent to court to aid the King with her magic, she is protected by Gabriel, a monk. While there, she’s also asked to spy on the King’s son and heir, Bastian. They begin to untangle a web of lies, politics, religion, betrayal, and prophecy.

The Foxglove King Review

I loved The Foxglove King!

The characters were my favorite part. The 3 MCs were compelling and distinct. Bastian was my favorite of course. I’m a sucker for a charismatic prince (and he’s bi?!) I loved to hate Gabe, the rule-following monk (love a good eye patch). And Lore was a refreshing morally grey take on a typical YA lead. The love triangle was entertaining, but let’s be real – it’s Bastian for meeee. This book was a little steamy, but no spice.

The death magic was super interesting, and I really enjoyed it.

The world building was a little confusing at times, but it never felt like a total info dump. I liked the court politics, religion, betrayal, and mystery elements.

While The Foxglove King was something entirely its own, it felt a lot like Throne of Glass (book 1), These Hollow Vows, and The Bone Witch.

I feel this book is considered Adult because the characters are closer to mid 20s and some of the necromancy is descriptive + there’s a bit of language. I’d 100% recommend for fans of NA fantasy that don’t need spice.

Can’t wait for book 2!





He glanced at her over his shoulder, mouth twisted in a wry smile. “I won’t bite.” Then, the smile twisting higher, “unless you decide you want me to.โ€

“I have been told I possess magic fingers, but the context wasn’t anything holy.”

โ€œWe haven’t known each other long,” she said finally, barely a whisper. The prince snorted, “No, we haven’t. But it sure feels like we have, Lore.”

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