This Vicious Grace: Review

This Vicious Grace

Alessa’s magic is supposed to amplify the power of her partner, not kill them. After 3 weddings, and three funerals, she’s running out of time to prepare her magic for the impending invasion. When a priest starts convincing people that killing Alessa is the best option, she hires her own bodyguard – Dante.

Dante is an outcast, but also the only one who can safely help her learn to use her powers. He may be a great companion, but he also has his own secrets.

This Vicious Grace Review

I loved this book! Alessa and Dante’s relationship was so fun! Because she can’t touch people for long amounts of time (or at all), seeing them figure it out – and become more than friends – was so enjoyable.

There were many great tropes including: grumpy sunshine, found family, forced proximity, and a slow burn romance.

The magic system was interesting, and it culminated at the end with an exciting climax. I couldn’t fully get on board with the bug apocalypse, but it was great action! 

I rated this one 1 pepper, because while they very obviously have sex, it’s not overly descriptive. Personally, I would’ve loved more, but this is YA of course!





“You deserve to be happy, Dallas, no matter the lies you’ve repeated in your head over the years. I did not raise you to think less of yourself.” She looks right at me. “I raised you so someone like her could find you.”

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